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Step 1

Meet with a coach for a No Sweat Intro (free consultation) to discuss your goals & needs, ask any questions you may have, & tour our facility.


Step 2

Try a class. You’ll be welcomed in with open arms, see how it’s structured, meet our members & coaches and have FUN while getting in a great workout! And no worries, all classes & moves are scaled to your individual fitness level.


Step 3

Schedule your Foundations Class. (Required for all newbies:)) You’ll work in a group setting with a coach to:

- Learn the foundational movements of CrossFit - Receive an in-depth tour of our facility & app - Learn how the classes are structured & do a simple WOD - Discuss your 30 day health & nutrition goals & given action steps - Schedule your 30 day goal check in - Introduced to the class/coaches/members if available

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